Michelangelo Conserva

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"Caminante, no hay camino: se hace camino al andar."

Ph.D. candidate at Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

Bayesian statistician off on an adventure in the land of Reinforcement Learning.

Email: m.conserva@qmul.ac.uk


Professional Experience

Short and medium-term predictive models for famine risk estimation
Research intern at Google Research, Kenya
Supervisor: Aisha Walcott Bryant
June 2023 - Oct 2023


Posterior Sampling for Deep Reinforcement Learning
R. Sasso, M. Conserva, and P. Rauber
ICML 2023

Markov Decision Processes Hardness: Theory and Practice
M. Conserva and P. Rauber
NeurIPS 2022

Recurrent Neural-Linear Posterior Sampling for Non-Stationary Contextual Bandits
A. Ramesh, M. Conserva, P. Rauber, and J. Schmidhuber
Neural Computation 2022

The Graph Cut Kernel for Ranked Data
M. Conserva, M. Deisenroth, and K. S. S. Kumar
Transactions on Machine Learning Research 2022


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London, UK, 2020 - 2024.

  • MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, University College London, UK, 2019 - 2020, Distinction.

  • BSc in Statistic, Economics and Finance, Sapienza University of Rome, 2016 - 2019, 110 cum laude.


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